GT4 And GT5 Fixtures

The Ultra Sleek Fluorescent fixtures use a T4 Fluorescent lamp measureing 1/2" in diameter, and that is the reason for the name Ultra Sleek Fluorescent. Its thin design makes it ideal for under cabinet and clove lighting. This fixture remainds hidden while providing an optimal light source with less heat than most under cabinet lighing fixtures plus a continuous stream of light with no dark spots. 

These fixtures can be easily installed; no electrician services will be needed. Each fixture will come with a fluorescent lamp, acrylic cover, a built in on/off switch located on the side of the fixture (except for the 6-watt fixtures), a 6 ft power cord, mounting clips, and a direct connector. Fixtures can be installed as single unit or easily linked in multiple units connected by direct connectors and flexible wire connectors available in 6", 12", 24", 36, and " 48".