LED Light Block Light Stones

General Information

  1. LED blocks are available in a variety of sizes and shapes from 4" x 4" up to 48" x 48".
  2. LED blocks are made from highly durable tempered glass mounted to a strong stainless steel base, making them resistant to almost all traffic conditions as well as severe weather extremes.
  3. LED blocks are designed to continue to look good while withstanding high traffic volume, and high-pressure loads, including pedestrian foot traffic, a great variety of variable weather conditions and vehicular traffic.
  4. LED blocks are manufactured using waterproof sealants and adhesives, and waterproof electrical cables. They have been tested waterproof to a depth and pressure of 3 feet.
  5. Since they run on 24 volts, they are extremely energy efficient, making them cost effective, as well as attractive and no risk of shock.
  6. LED lights are color fast and UV protected, and will not fade as a result of exposure to direct outdoor sunlight or weather conditions.
  7. They are water-resistant and weather-proof and are assembled using water waterproof sealants and  adhesive products.
  8. They can be installed directly into the surrounding medium, or by way of specially designed stainless steel mounting brackets.
  9. The LED lamps have an expected life-span of over 100,000 hours, so maintenance and replacement is virtually not a problem of over 10 years.
  10. By using the available controllers, these LED blocks can be programmed to light in various methods including: remaining a single solid color, rotate colors through the spectrum, follow a particular color pattern or change color to a musical beat.