LED Transformer

There are three different styles of wiring the LED Tiles, which perform different features. It starts from the basic controller which changes the colors of the brick to more advance and powerful controllers giving the user total control. 

This LED system connection is our non-program system. It is the easiest connection and has the least features. It is capable of simultaneously changing every LED Tile. It can fade in and out of colors or remain in just one color.

This is the installation set up for the programmable controller system. It is a more advance and powerful system with a MAX Load of 3000W. It is capable of creating many patterns individually varying the color of each LED Tile. If the number of LED Tile is good enough you can see pictures and  movies.

Each controller comes with a programmable Scan Disk, allowing the user to remove it from the controller box and plug it to their computer to place or use any image or patterns they want. You can directly connect the computer to the controller box.

The Third Connection is the DMX Controller System. This system ives the user complete control of the lighting system and does not have a MAX Load. The user can control any LED Tile they desire. They can design their own effects and patterns right on the spot by using the DMX controller.

The DMX Controller System works like a computer network. Each LED Tile has its own IP address, so the DMX Controller can pin point its location and can control each tile individually or by groups

Depending on the number of LED Tile and wattage determine how many Transformers you will need