´╗┐Marble Tile Lights

      LED Marble Blocks are available in a floor tile quality marble surface. This marble color has a soft background showing a variety of natural marble veins. The LED lights glow through the uniquely occurring light and dark areas in each individual piece of marble. These LED Marble Blocks are suitable for lobbies and hall applications. In addition to frosted glass and soft marble surfaces, LED blocks are available in a variety of ceramic surface colors. All LED Color Blocks come in a large variety of colors. Colors can also be custom blended and manufactured to your needs. There are other models of LED Blocks available. In addition to standard square and rectangle, LED Blocks are also available in circles, hexagons, and octagons. All of these shapes can be in either LED Glass Block or LED Marble Block surfaces. 

      Marble LED Bricks and Blocks are bonded to the same tempered flass as the other LED Bricks and Blocks. This bonding process allows for additional integral strength and durability. Both layers of the marble blocks are bonded together using the same very high quality waterproof adhesives and sealants to insure that these blocks are as durable and versatile as the glass bricks. It will be able to withstand the same service conditions. The adhesive and bonding agents used are clear and this prevents dark spot transfers, and as well as permitting the transfer of more light through the marble surface. As with the Glass Blocks, the Marble Blocks can be programmed to remain one color, have colors change for specific circumstances, change colors in a repeating pattern, change colors in a total random pattern, or change colors with a musical beat.